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Explore data related to per-pupil expenditures

This page displays the details of the local education agency's (LEA) per-pupil expenditures, including funding sources and comparisons of LEA and DC expenditures. This information enables you to view the types of expenditures, where the funds are from, and how it compares to others.

Total expenditures

$19,577 per pupil

Per-pupil amount is calculated by dividing the total school expenditures by 1,954 students (which is the October enrollment audit count)

  • Total school expenditures $38,252,960
  • Total excluded expenditures $5,467,442

Excluded expenditures include: debt service, capital expenditures, construction and capital improvements, community service operations, and expenditures sourced from private funds (such as parent fees and corporate or charitable donations.) These are not included in the per-pupil expenditure calculation because they are considered outside of the day-to-day operation of the school.

  • Total expenditures $43,720,402

The sum of total school and excluded expenditures is the total amount of money the LEA spent for the fiscal year.

Per-pupil expenditures by funding source

Details are provided about the funding sources for per-pupil expenditures. State/local sources represent revenue received directly from DC, including local grants and per-pupil funding. Federal sources include federal revenue, such as Title I funds and IDEA funding. Per-pupil expenditures are displayed compared to the LEA and DC average.

  • State/local

  • Federal

LEA $19577
State/local $17783 91%
Federal $1794 9%
State $20675
State/local $18683 90%
Federal $1992 10%
LEA $17,783 91% $1,794 9% $19,577
State $18,683 90% $1,992 10% $20,675

Per-pupil expenditure by type

Details are provided about the distribution of expenditures between school-level and centralized. School-level expenditures include spending on teacher and administrative salaries, books, supplies, and business costs. Centralized expenditures include the portion of spending at the LEA's central office that are allocated to the school.

  • School-level expenditures

  • School share of centralized expenditures

School-level expenditures $16123 82%
State/local $14592
Federal $1531
School share of centralized expenditures $3453 18%
State/local $3191
Federal $263
Total $19577
School-level expendituresSchool share of centralized expendituresTotal
LEA $16,123 82% $3,453 18% $19,577
State/local $14,592 $3,191
Federal $1,531 $263

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