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Student Enrollment Changes

How much does the student population change throughout the year and from year to year at the school?

This page shares information on how much the population within the schools in the LEA change throughout the year or from year to year. It shows information about changes in enrollment, including whether students leave or enter the school mid-year, and whether eligible students choose to re-enroll in the schools within the LEA.


Percentage of students who can and choose to return to the same school each fall.

Metric performance details by student group


Percentage of students enrolled at the alternative school who were considered actively enrolled that year, out of those who were not actively engaged in school the prior year.

Metric performance details by student group

Student Mobility

Percentage of students entering and exiting school from October through June for the most recent school year.

Mid-year entry and exit

Students entering
DC Overall0.00%0.63%1.26%1.68%2.93%3.60%4.34%4.79%5.20%
Students exiting
DC Overall0.00%-0.75%-1.71%-2.41%-3.54%-4.35%-5.13%-5.68%-6.11%

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