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Two Rivers PCS

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Attention: Given the impact of COVID-19, many metrics are unavailable or not comparable to prior data.

This website hosts only historical data from 2018, 2019, and 2020. Current 2021 DC School Report Card data and additional data and resources can be accessed here

2019 Pre-K Classroom Organization

How are scores calculated for this metric for all of the student groups?

Each metric measures the school's student group performance compared to student group performance across the city. Every metric has a target, for which schools earn all possible points for each student group, and a floor, below which no points are earned. Every metric has a floor and target determined for each student group. The STAR Framework awards points on the performance relative to that student group’s metric floor and target.


Floor Target

All Students

DC Overall: 5.78

Students with Disabilities

DC Overall: 5.78

At Risk

DC Overall: 5.78


DC Overall: 5.78

Hispanic/Latino, any race

DC Overall: 5.78

Two or more races

DC Overall: 5.78


DC Overall: 5.78

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