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Capital City PCS - High School


Given the impact of COVID-19, many metrics and STAR scores are unavailable for the 2020 report card.

School Profiles, Graduation Rates, College Enrollment Rates, School Finance, and Educator and Health Staff have been updated with 2020 data. All other metrics display historical data from prior years as labeled. Click here for additional information about the Accountability and Assessment waiver and other COVID-19 educational resources.

What are the rates of student attendance at the school?

This page provides information on attendance at the school. This includes in-seat attendance for all students (including a separate measure of attendance for pre-K students, since pre-K is not compulsory), the percentage of students attending school 90% or more of the time, and improvement in this measure of attendance from one year to the next at the school.

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2019 90% Attendance

Chronic Absenteeism is when students miss attending 10% or more of the days in a school year. This metric shows the percentage of students attending 90% or more of the school year. In other words, the positive inverse of chronic absenteeism. The higher this metric score is, the lower a school's chronic absenteeism rate is.

Metric performance details by student group

2019 Attendance Growth

Improvement in the school's student-level attendance rates from year-to-year. To measure improvement, each student’s growth in attendance is compared against the growth in attendance of other DC students of the same age.

Metric performance details by student group

2019 In-Seat Attendance

Percentage of students in attendance on any given school day.

Metric performance details by student group

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