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Capital City PCS - High School

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Given the impact of COVID-19, many metrics and STAR scores are unavailable for the 2020 report card.

School Profiles, Graduation Rates, College Enrollment Rates, School Finance, and Educator and Health Staff have been updated with 2020 data. All other metrics display historical data from prior years as labeled. Click here for additional information about the Accountability and Assessment waiver and other COVID-19 educational resources.

Hispanic/Latino, any race

Student Group Score


Student Group score trend

2018-19 48.11%
2017-18 60.07%

The STAR Framework separately measures performance for each student group on every metric and adds together the metric points earned to calculate the student group score. The student group scores are then combined to calculate the STAR Framework score and generate the STAR rating. Schools earn points based on their students’ performance compared to students from the same student groups across the city. Metrics are applicable within the school framework if 10 or more students are included in the calculation.

How are scores calculated for these metrics?

MetricScoreMetric Points Earned
2019 Meeting or Exceeding Expectations - English Language Arts 23.21%1.89 out of 7.50
2019 Meeting or Exceeding Expectations - Math 8.62%2.09 out of 7.50
2019 Approaching, Meeting or Exceeding Expectations - English Language Arts 42.85%1.95 out of 5.00
2019 Approaching, Meeting or Exceeding Expectations - Math 48.27%2.43 out of 5.00
2019 ACCESS Growth 20.40%0.00 out of 5.00
2019 AP/IB Participation 46.87%0.06 out of 5.00
2019 AP/IB Performance 40.00%2.74 out of 5.00
2019 SAT College and Career Ready Benchmark 14.70%2.02 out of 10.00
2019 SAT DC Percentile 67.64%2.92 out of 5.00
2019 Four-Year Graduation Rate 77.50%6.40 out of 11.00
Extended Years Graduation Rate 77.50%5.23 out of 9.00
2019 Attendance Growth 0.936.55 out of 7.50
2019 In-Seat Attendance 89.76%4.11 out of 5.00
2019 Re-enrollment 92.75%7.25 out of 7.50
45.70 out of 95.00 Total Metric Points Earned

The overall score for each student group is calculated by dividing the total number of metric points earned by the total number of metric points possible.

Metric Points Earned

Total Metric Points Possible
= Student Group Score

View the Local Education Agency Report for this school or the DC Report.